At the Working Animals Federation of Australia, we passionately believe that all people have the right to equal access, inclusion and dignity and to live full and active lives.

The Working Animals Federation of Australia is Australia’s leading authority on working animal matters. Working animals include any species or breed of animal with a job. This may be as an Assistance Animal, Therapy Animal, Detection Animal or Education Animal. 

First and foremost, membership of the Working Animals Federation of Australia enables working animal enthusiasts and professionals to join a community dedicated to working animals. We facilitate collaboration and sharing of knowledge and experience, propone the highest quality standards across the industry and provide ongoing support for new and existing individuals and organisations working in the industry who are wanting to improve the quality of their services. All of this is focused on improving the safety of working animals operations across Australia and the communities they serve.

Our Values

We provide free access to Fact Sheets, Webinars and Continuing Education Opportunities to help you.

With everyone on the same page, we can do great things.

Our Services:

  • We provide membership and gold-standard accreditation to industry operatives and handlers with an accompanying set of Professional Standards and Codes of Ethics
  • Regular e-news updates on the industry, research, educational topics and our program
  • Continuing professional development opportunities
  • Free community education (including the free ‘Assistance Animal -Knowledge Assessed’ program for local businesses)
  • Free downloadable resources for community and industry members
  • A search function to connect handlers, trainers and other professionals 
  • Training in self-advocacy for Assistance Animal handlers and free advocacy support in discrimination matters.

Our website is one of the key ways that members can communicate and collaborate with each other and the WAFA office.  This is your website so please email any comments or suggestions for improvement to:

Our Current Projects:

  • Development of an accreditation system for other classes of Working Animals including those in security, entertainment, film and TV. 
  • Endorsement of our national symbol and PAT to denote Assistance Animals with legally protected public access rights.
  • Development of nationally-accredited undergraduate and postgraduate study options for allied health professionals and trainers.
  • National standardisation of the industry including assessment of Assistance Animals for public access.
  • Access to safe and clean toileting areas for working animals in public locations.
  • Development of a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal allowing industry operatives and researchers to publish.
  • Collaboration with industry partners to facilitate public access for Assistance Animals and decrease discrimination in real estate, public transport, accommodation, hospitals and airlines.
  • This is your Federation, so please email any recommended or preferred projects to: